Together we stride to bring hope, healing & freedom to trafficking survivors.


Together we stride to bring hope, healing & freedom to trafficking survivors.

Every step counts
as we stride for freedom

Stride for Freedom is a fitness and fundraising challenge hosted by EverFree. Every step, spin or skip you take helps to restore and empower human trafficking survivors around the world.

When | May 13, 2022

Where | Wherever you are!

Goal | Give scholarships to 10 girls escaping
human trafficking! $2,500 each

How you move
is up to you!

Choose your favorite activity and set a fundraising goal! Every move you make during Stride for Freedom helps to change the future for human trafficking survivors

How It Works

3 easy steps to empower human trafficking survivors.

Set Up Your Fundraiser

Set a fundraising goal and launch your fundraising page.

Spread the World

Invite your friends and family to support your challenge.

Make a Difference

Every dollar given during your fundraiser will help give human trafficking survivors education scholarships that will change their lives and their futures – forever.


Everything you need to know about Stride for Freedom.

Where does Stride for Freedom take place?

Stride for Freedom happens wherever YOU are! You get to participate from where you live or wherever you happen to be. Gather your friends and participate! Share your Stride for Freedom fundraiser on your social media channels to spread the word!

How do I participate?

Choose your activity then set up your fundraiser here. How you move is up to you, and every move you make helps to bring hope, healing, and lasting freedom to human trafficking survivors.

Are Donations Tax Deductible?

Yes! EverFree is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization, all donations made to every fundraiser are tax-deductible. All proceeds from Stride for Freedom support the restoration, healing, and empowerment of human trafficking survivors

Are Donations to My Fundraiser Secure?

Yes! We use FundraiseUp, a secure and easy-to-use online platform that manages your fundraising challenge and processes all donations.

Fundraising Goal

We are raising $25,000 to provide educational scholarships to 10 human trafficking survivors.

About EverFree

EverFree is a non-profit organization on a mission to help human trafficking survivors and their communities thrive in lasting freedom and end cycles of exploitation. Learn more about EverFree.

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