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Everything you need to know about Stride for Freedom.

Where does Stride for Freedom take place?

Stride for Freedom happens wherever YOU are! You get to participate from where you live or wherever you happen to be that week. From September 17-24, people will be joining Stride for Freedom from all over the place. Share your Stride for Freedom fundraiser on your social media channels and follow #strideforfreedom to see how others are participating.

How do I participate?

Striding for Freedom super easy.

1. Sign up here.

2. Choose your activity. Skate, scoot, or skip, how you move is up to you! And every step, stroke, or stride creates lasting freedom for human trafficking survivors.

3. Set up your fundraising page. Get your friends or family to join you – the more the merrier!

Is my registration tax deductible?

Yes! Because Willow and 10ThousandWindows are both 501(C)3 not-for-profit organizations, all registrations (by suggested donation) are tax-deductible. For this event we are using 10ThousandWindows’ secure donation portal for registrations and crowdfunding. But all proceeds from the Stride for Freedom event will be divided equally between both organizations and support the restoration, healing, and empowerment of human trafficking survivors in the Philippines and Uganda.

Fundraising Goal

We are raising $50,000 to provide holistic restoration and empowerment services for 50 human trafficking survivors in the Philippines and Uganda.

What are we fundraising for?

Stride for Freedom is an annual fitness and fundraising event hosted by Willow International and 10ThousandWindows. All donations from Stride for Freedom will help bring restoration, healing, and lasting freedom to human trafficking survivors in the Philippines and Uganda.

How can I get started with fundraising?

Once you have registered for Stride for Freedom and set up your fundraising page, we’ll give you exclusive access to our fundraising toolkit including downloadable images and sample emails and social media posts. We are your biggest fans and want to help you crush your Stride for Freedom goals!

About Willow International

Willow International’s mission is to end human trafficking starting at the source: Uganda. Through survivor care, government reform, and global partnerships, we can erase this plague and restore hope to the millions of victims across the globe. Learn more about Willow

About 10 Thousand Windows

10ThousandWindows believes every person deserves freedom forever and is on a mission to restore the lives of survivors and stop the exploitation of the world’s most vulnerable by creating real freedom through sustainable jobs. Learn more about 10ThousandWindows

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